Matt Demaray

World building + environment Art + Hard surface + leather

COD MW1  Remaster

Some of my work from COD Modern Warfare Remaster. I was responsible for world building/ story telling, prop modeling and texturing.

Halo 2 Anniversary

My first project at Certain Affinity was Coagulation for Halo 2 Anniversary MP. I was focused primarily on the rocks  surrounding the play area. It was a real honor to be part of this project


These are some sample images for Xcom. I was the lead environment artist, it was an amazing project to be a part of. My responsibilities included props, world building, look and feel, texturing, environment  art pipeline and lighting over 80 maps.

XCOM Hard Surface

These are some of the hard surface models I worked on for Xcom/Xcom 2.

WIP Mech Rendo

This model is inspired by a concept from Scott Robertson. Modeled completely in Fusion 360.

ANKI Drive

These are some of the models made for the ANKI Drive toy line. These vehicle weapon images were used in the app that controls the toy cars on the track.

Schumacher Dental

A  challenging yet rewarding contract job. These tools had no CAD file to help with modeling and they had to be very  precise. I learned a lot  of  modeling tricks from this project.

Big Huge Games

Here are a few samples from my time at Big Huge. My responsibilities included props and world building.


A few samples from my time after leaving Midway Games before going to Big Huge Games.

EA Sports

My first job in the game industry was working for EA  Sports on the Madden and NCAA Franchise. Here are a few samples of the many stadiums I worked on.


50ec represents the kind of architectural visualization I did while working at RDGI. This level was created in unreal2 for an interactive kiosk.


I learned quite a bit at RDGI, working around a large interior design team has come in handy many times for world building.